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2 Ways to Disappear Sinus Problems

I visited one of my favorite boutiques in downtown Nevada City yesterday.

The woman behind the counter saw me and said
“Oh!  You do that… stuff, right?” She made a kind of all encompassing gesture with her hand.
“You mean Ayurveda?” I said.

That’s what she meant.  She went on to share that she’d been feeling an awful pressure between her eyes lately. It was dragging her down. She felt dull, tired and inflamed. She didn’t know what to do about it. Did I?

Yes!  I dashed to my office and brought her a bottle of oil especially for sinuses (called Nasya Oil), and gave her an application. Wide-eyed, she declared that she felt better already.

It’s amazing what a little oil in the right place will do!

Winter season is hard on the upper respiratory tract. The air is cold and dry, following the hot dry heat of summer.
Without maintenance, the sinuses and respiratory tract get worked over.

When the nasal membranes and sinuses are compromised, there’s a breeding ground for upper respiratory illness.

Prevention is (always) the best medicine.

Ayurveda offers simple preventative ways to keep the nasal passages moist and nourished – and the sinuses well conditioned and balanced. Read on…

1. Snort some oil.  I’m not kidding.  This practice is Ayurvedic gold. Not only does it keep the nasal passages moist so that they can do their job of filtering particulate matter and pathogens from the air but, according to this ancient healing tradition, it also does this: treats hoarseness of voice, stiffness in the head, neck and jaw areas, reduces headaches and benefits certain eye and ear problems, relieves mental and emotional stress, anxiety, fear and negativity.

Um. For $15/bottle, you’d be crazy not to start this NOW. Here’s a little video on how to apply the oil, compliments of Banyan Botanicals. I love Banyan Botanicals. You can get nasya oil from them through this link – or swing by the Nevada City office to pick one up asap.

2. Oil Your Ears. Oiling the ears strengthens the immune system and keeps the lymph glands and sinuses moist and nourished. Are your ears feeling itchy and dry?  Oil them!  You’ll be amazed at how much well oiled ears can change how you feel.

This practice helps prevent colds, infections and allergies. And just as powerful as the nourishing oil are the immune building, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits of garlic. It gives an added punch! You can buy ear oil in the health food store, but it’s super easy to make at home. Just soak a crushed garlic clove in some sesame or olive oil (organic, of course) for 24 hours, and then apply to your ears.

Lie on your side,  fill one ear canal with warmed oil, work the ear around to ensure that the oil penetrates deeply, rest there for about 10 minutes allowing it to absorb, then stop up with a cotton swab and do the same to the other side. Presto! Do this about every 2-4 weeks during winter season.


You can perform these simple practices at home or, if you’d like to treat yourself to something special – visit your local Ayurvedic Practitioner.  Most Ayurvedic Clinics (VitalLiving Ayurveda in Nevada City included — see our spa menu here) offer Nasya and Ear oiling as spa treatments that are as wonderful to receive as they are fortifying to your immunity.

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