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*Pricing Guideline

$115 Ayurvedic Massage 1-hour

$165 Ayurvedic Massage 1.5-hour

$135 Blissful Mind (Shirodhara)  1-hour

$115 Foot Reflexology 1-hour

$145 Facial Rejuvenation 1.5-hour

$135 Lower Back Treatment 1-hour

$135 Heart Chakra Treatment 1-hour

$105 Eye Bathing 1-hour

$75 The Sinus Treatment 45-minutes

$230 The Kama Combination 2-hours

$280 The Kama PLUS Combination - 2.5 hours

$305 The Moksha Combination 2.5-hours

$330 The Tech Detox Combination 3-hours

$355 The Healing Heart Combination 2.5-hours

$750 -  2-Day Transformation 2/days|6/hours