Pancha Karma a profound process of cleanse, reset and renewal.  It is a powerful tool that will assist you in establishing and maintaining excellent health and a reconnection with your own internal compass and center.  There is a great reallignment and letting go that takes place in the process of Pancha Karma.  VitalLiving specializes best in custom tailoring Pancha Karma Plans. Each plan navigates an approach to Pancha Karma that is appropriate for the unique constitution and life circumstances of the client.  To understand a general sense of the cost of Pancha Karma, see below.


3 Day Pancha Karma*5 Day Pancha Karma*7 Day Pancha Karma*9 Day Pancha Karma*
Grass Valley, CA. Studio$1,125$1,875$2,625$3,375
Local In-Residence (within 70 miles)$1,340$2,250$3,150$4,050
Domestic In-residence$1,500$2,500$3,500$4,500
International In-Residence$2,250$3,750$5,250$6,750

*Cost of Pancha Karma may change depending on duration and location.  Prices quoted are for 1 client receiving and 1 therapist administering Pancha Karma during the body therapy phase of the 7-21/day process.  Additional costs, such as consultations,  food preparation, additional therapists, setup, lodging, travel and transport, yoga and meditation instruction, herbal medicines and specialty foods may apply.

VitalLiving performs Pancha Karma at the Grass Valley Studio, in retreat in Grass Valley in addition to offering coordination of Pancha Karma in the comfort of your own home, regionally, domestically and internationally.  Contact us for details and rates.