Some Clients Prefer an At-Home or Location Specific Program…

The conditions under which Panchakarma is administered are as important as the actual process. Traveling long distances, braving the strangeness of a new place or different culture, adjusting to new time zones or being away from home and loved ones can infuse what should be a time of deep relaxation and renewal with stress, anxiety and a sense of estrangement and alienation.

Often, we work with clientele who want the benefits of Pancha Karma but prefer the comfort of their own home or can’t fully remove themselves from their lives.  Undergoing Pancha Karma in-residence allows them to achieve a balance with self-care that supports fragile systems of personal infrastructure.

1r8iym6u892m56q0The changes that you experience through Pancha Karma in a far-off place can result in deep disconnects from family, relationships and work. Receiving Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Education in your home, supported by VitalLiving staff, and in the context of your life is empowering and enriching.  When experienced in this way, all of your energy is available to you in a familiar setting.    Healing takes place within the framework of your life.

You will be deeply rejuvenated by nourishing foods, Ayurvedic therapies, education and good company.  This will give you the strength to maintain your new sense of well-being and help you continue with the new practices that you have learned post-PK.  The VitalLiving team is available through phone, Skype or personal consultation after your Pancha Karma to support you.

What does an In-Residence Pancha Karma ‘look like?’

Every VitalLiving Panchakarma is uniquely tailored to fit the timing, place, accommodation, client and focus of treatment.The VitalLiving Ayurveda team of specialists will guide you through the transformative process of Panchakarma with warmth, safety, grace and discretion. An In-Residence Panchakarma in a nutshell looks like this:

  • 2-3 Therapists will travel to you with all necessary equipment
  • Therapists will board at your home, or alternative arrangements will be made for them at a nearby location
  • A separate room or area of your home will be turned into an “Ayurvedic Therapy” space.  All therapies will take place there. Therapies will be applied to each participant for 2-3 hours daily
  • All meals will be prepared for you in an on-site kitchen
  • You will be encouraged to withdraw from the outside world, eat at leisure, minimize company, refrain from driving, abstain from sexual activity, media and work, take gentle walks, do gentle stretching (yoga) and engage in harmonious, reflective and restorative activity.
  • VitalLiving creates a schedule that outlines Pancha Karma activities for each day

 What kind of food will be prepared?  

panchakarma at homeDelicious, nourishing, organic vegetarian fare will be lovingly and Ayurvedically  prepared for you daily.  Legumes, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, rich oils and spices, non-dairy milks and herbal teas will be featured and prepared differently for each meal.

All meals will be taken at the same time every day. Vitalliving will visit the local organic markets in your area upon arrival to gather the freshest, most regional and seasonal foods to use for the duration of your Pancha Karma.

You may wish to engage VitalLiving for instruction throughout the course of their stay to teach you how to eat and cook Ayurvedically!


In-Residence Pancha Karma pricing is subject to variabilities in travel expenses for therapists, the duration of Pancha Karma, the number of participants and selection of add-on services.