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Ayurvedic Massage is SPECIAL. Here’s Why…

Over 5,000 years of empirical research has refined Ayurvedic massage into a sublime art. Combining deep knowledge of the body with skillful application of oils, herbal essences, music, and bodywork techniques combines to create a profound treatment that deeply nourishes and balances the body and mind.

Whether the Ayurvedic massage forms part of a more comprehensive Ayurveda program like Panchakarma, or is undertaken for the sheer pleasure of a deeply relaxing, luxurious spa treatment; Ayurvedic massage is one of Ancient India’s most phenomenal offerings. What makes Ayurvedic Massage unique and special? Read On.


Oil is consistently used throughout Ayurvedic massage treatments. The application of generous amounts of warm herbal oil during massage is an indescribably soothing and rejuvenating experience to the mind and body. The therapeutic benefits of oil massage promote vitality, relieves fatigue, strengthens the nervous system, improves eyesight, nourishes the bodily tissues, increases longevity, normalizes sleep, encourages flexibility and muscle tone as well as increases good health in general.

Additional benefits are given by the use of potent herb-infused organic oils, which enhance the actions of purification and rejuvenation that the massage encourages. These oils have been proven to completely permeate the dermis in 5 minutes, and all seven layers of skin in 8-10 minutes. This deep saturation of bodily tissues offers powerful rejuvenation, renewal and healing.  An ancient Ayurvedic treatise states that “Ayurvedic oils strengthen the metabolic fires, purify the intestines, remove toxins from the tissues, rejuvenate the body, prevent aging and bestow the user with a lifespan of 100 years.” Ayurvedic oils can be infused with up to 75 different herbs, increasing the therapeutic effect of massage immeasurably. The oils have been scientifically proven to possess anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties.


Ayurveda studies conducted by Dr Hari Sharma of the Ohio State University College of Medicine showed that after three months of Ayurvedic massage, patients’ blood showed a significant decrease in the free radical lipid peroxide and an improved immune response. Modern research has proven the beneficial effect Ayurvedic massage has on all areas of the body; specifically the neuromuscular, circulatory, lymphatic, skeletal and gastrointestinal systems.


A consultation begins the session.  Your therapist will ask questions about your current state of wellbeing and assess the nature of your constitution, take into account your current condition and make note of any important considerations. The appropriate oils and herbs will be chosen to benefit you.

To begin the massage, the therapist focuses their energy with a balancing meditation and may invoke a mantra (prayer) to magnify the healing potency.

Ayurvedic massage employs strokes that vary from deep to superficial and follow the flow of energy channels, nerve pathways and hair growth. There are three types of movements – active (strong pressure), passive (delicate stroking) and persuasive (compressing or kneading the small muscles with the thumb and forefinger).

The entire body (except the genital region) is addressed in order to bring about a sense of whole-body integration and alignment.


Ayurvedic body massage is performed with an acute awareness of energetic points and centers called marmas and chakras.

In Ayurveda, marmas are vital points similar to acupressure points. Manipulated correctly, they revitalize the entire body. The seven great marmas in Ayurvedic massage are the main chakras. These seven chakras are energetic centers located over the main endocrine glands – the gonads and ovaries, pancreas, adrenals, thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal.

Each chakra nourishes particular organs and controls various psycho-physiological aspects of our being. When they are blocked, physical disease ensues. Ayurvedic oil and massage opens and cleanses these energetic channels, reestablishing flow and vitality.

The senses are also nourished during Ayurvedic massage therapy. Our senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound) are gateways to biological and mental processes.  Nourishment of the senses through aromatherapy, touch therapy, beautiful surroundings and the use of mantra and music leave you accessed to the very deepest part of your being in a deeply rejuvenating way.

Ayurvedic massage is a unique and profoundly healing therapeutic experience – and it’s available to you at VitalLiving Ayurveda Massage and Wellness Spa in Nevada City, Ca.! We hope to see you soon.

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