How Does The Program “look?”

The Day-to-Day

Once we begin Phase 2 of your program (see a description of the phases in “Is This for You?”),  you will receive Ayurvedic spa treatments every day for 2-4 hours for a period of 3,5,7,9 (or more) days with one or two therapists.

Typically, your therapies will take place in the morning, beginning at 9 am. Your day will be structured with Ayurvedic activities that will help you to unravel old emotions, beliefs, habits, and patterns that contribute to the stress which is typically the under-lying cause of most disease.

You will take breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time each day.

During your free time you will enjoy a customized practice of rejuvenative yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and self-inquiry, along with a special cleansing diet and herbal support.

Though each guest’s schedule is different, a typical day may look like this:

Upon waking, you will follow a personalized routine of yoga, breathing, meditation, self-inquiry and journaling.


Therapies begin at 9 a.m. Therapies may take between 2-4 hours.  An example of a cycle of therapies looks like this:

  • Udvartana massage with warm herbalized paste. This encourages deep detoxification, breaks up stagnation in the lymphatic system and leaves your skin soft and smooth.
  • An herbalized steam to release toxins and stimulate circulation
  • A cleansing colonic treatment

Lunch is served.

At about 2 o’clock, perform another round of your personalized routine.

Take a gentle walk in nature.

Dinner is Served.

At a comfortable time, perform another round of your personalized routine. These routine facilitates deep calm, expansion and vitality.


High Level

Each day, VitalLiving Ayurveda staff with check in with you to offer guidance and monitor your progress.

You are encouraged to engage in daily self-inquiry and to do journaling exercises to help release old patterns, behaviors and emotions. This self reflection is time well-spent.

In the privacy of your own practice, you can more clearly see your places of resistance, expand into deep peace and return to your true core.

Strengthening a personal practice eases your transition back into your real life, as you can maintain balance with stress relief techniques without needing a teacher to motivate and guide you.

We require that you truly retreat by maintaining silence, refrain from TV & technology, and all other distractions such as work and family.

Our Patients

All types of people come to VitalLiving Ayurveda for healing and rejuvenation. Some patients have never followed a holistic eating plan, meditated or tried yoga. Some have done many years of other cleansing programs and spiritual techniques. Some patients are already very healthy, and some are struggling with difficult chronic conditions.

If you are new to Ayurveda or holistic health, we will gently guide you in a way that makes all this new knowledge joyful and easy to implement.

If you have been meditating and eating well for many years, this process will help you release toxins and old molecules of emotion on a cellular level, in addition to removing toxins on physical levels that may have accumulated due to poor digestion.

Those patients who feel they have already done a lot of work on themselves finally experience the benefits they had hoped to gain from their previous years of self-care.