The Summer Spa Special

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To soothe the aggravating effects of heat and dryness on the mind/body/spirit, VitalLiving Spa offers a treatment combination using Lavender infused Pure Organic Coconut Oil that applies cooling, calming and grounding elements to offset the hot, sharp and light qualities of summer. The profoundly balancing effect of these Ayurvedic Therapies will stay with you as you leave us feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and renewed.

We begin with an Ayurvedic Massage (Abyhanga), an ancient therapy sourced from the 5,000 year old healing Life Science of Ayurveda. Moving on to the extraordinary Blissful Mind Treatment (Shirodhara), you are gently lulled into profound relaxation and a sense of letting go. Leave us feeling totally renewed!

Duration: 2 hours
Value: $235
Spa Special: $210 (Save $25!)†

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The Treatments


spa nevada city, massage nevada city, ayurveda nevada city, spa grass valley, massage grass valley, ayurveda grass valley, panchakarma california, ayurveda californiaAbyhanga (AH-bee-YAN-ga). Our signature massage features luxurious organic oils infused with herbs & aromatherapeutic essences that deeply penetrate & nourish the skin & senses. The mind & body are lulled into total relaxation. Circulation & detoxification is stimulated for enhanced healing. Your nervous system is profoundly calmed & rejuvenated, leaving you in a nourishing trance state of renewal & peace. Don’t miss the unique experience of receiving this ancient treatment! Never heard of Ayurvedic Massage?  Read this blog post to learn more. 


MASSAGE nevada city, spa nevada city, ayurveda nevada city, massage grass valley, spa grass valley, ayurveda grass valley, panchakarma california,Shirodhara (Sheer-o-DAR-a): This extraordinary treatment is a total mind/body/spirit reset. As you lie comfortably on your back, slightly warmed herb-infused oil is gently streamed over the brow for approximately 15-30 minutes. Stimulation of nerve plexuses on the forehead & scalp releases neurotransmitters & neurohormones that relax & reset the body at the deepest level. Shirodhara facilitates the release of serotonin & can also elevate alpha & theta brain wave activity, opening you to a state of relaxation in which there is relief from thought & a deep well of peace and restfulness. Click here to learn more.

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†Spa Specials cannot be combined with any other discount.