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The Healing Benefits of Touch

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From a warm handshake or sympathetic hug to a congratulatory pat on the back, humans have developed complex languages, cultures, and emotional expression through physical contact. But in a tech-saturated world, non-sexual human touch is in danger of becoming rare, if not obsolete. Despite the benefits of digital advancement, it is vital to preserve human touch in order for us …

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Why you should try Self-Massage – Just Once!

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Ayurveda is an ancient Wholistic Life Science from India. It’s all-encompassing, and can nimbly shift between guidelines for the mundane aspects of healthy daily living to extolling the deeper metaphysical mysteries of Why We’re All Here and what on earth to do with ourselves throughout this journey called Life. Fascinating stuff. As an Ayurvedic Spa, we love offering tips to …

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Ayurvedic Ear Oiling

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One of our favorite sources of scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of Ayurveda, Dr. John Douillard, recently referenced results of a study that linked age-related hearing loss to cognitive decline. The essence of the life science of Ayurveda is to protect and reinforce the body with consistent daily, seasonal and annual practices that slow and offset the effects of aging …

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2 Ways to Disappear Sinus Problems

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I visited one of my favorite boutiques in downtown Nevada City yesterday. The woman behind the counter saw me and said “Oh!  You do that… stuff, right?” She made a kind of all encompassing gesture with her hand. “You mean Ayurveda?” I said. That’s what she meant.  She went on to share that she’d been feeling an awful pressure between her eyes lately. It …

3 of Ayurveda’s Best Cures for Winter Stress

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From an Ayurvedic Perspective, weathering cold weather boils down to offsetting the Cold, Dry, Mobile and Constricting qualities of winter. Grounding, nourishing, warming and expanding substances and activities help us to feel balanced, be vital, and strengthen immunity when we need it the most. We offer you 3 powerful Ayurvedic Self-Care tips for your fall/winter wellbeing. Make an experiment.  Try each one just once and see for …

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What is Shirodhara?

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The word “Shirodhara”  (sheer-oh-DAR-a) means “head flowing” in Ayurveda’s Sanskrit language of origin. It is a deeply relaxing therapy that effects the body, mind and spirit in a profoundly healing way. A stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and scalp, then is settled at a point at the middle of the brow (the third eye) for a duration …

Self-Massage. Ayurveda’s Most Important Practice.

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Self-massage (known in the Ayurvedic system as Abyhanga) is one of the most beneficial practices that you can integrate into your day-to-day life to enhance your health. It stimulates the lymphatic system, fortifies immunity, nourishes the skin, reinforces the connection between the body and mind and calms and rejuvenates the nervous system. When preparing for Abyhanga, you may wish to …

Winter, Ayurvedically, and 5 ways to enjoy it

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The winter season is upon us! This time of year can be the most difficult to ‘weather’ with peace of mind and good health. The Science of Ayurveda gives us a unique understanding of the nature of these challenges and informs us how to meet them consciously to achieve better health. AYURVEDA AND THE  5 ELEMENT THEORY Ayurveda tells us …

What Ayurveda is NOT.

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Ayurveda is not a magic bullet. It is not a one-size-fits-all system of healing. And though it does have herbal and lifestyle-based cures for disease, Ayurveda is not primarily a cure-oriented system. Which brings me to what Ayurveda actually is. Very simply, the phrase “a stitch in time…” summarizes  the core belief of ayurvedic healing. Which means, live in such a …