Six-Day Clinical Trial Finds Integrative Medicine Program Alters Blood Serum. Meditation, yoga and vegetarian diet linked to decline in plasma metabolites associated with inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk

September 09, 2016  |  Scott LaFee and Heather Buschman, PhD


In a novel controlled clinical trial, participants in a six-day Ayurvedic-based well-being program that featured a vegetarian diet, meditation, yoga and massages experienced measurable decreases in a set of blood-based metabolites associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease risk and cholesterol regulation.

The findings, published in the September 9 issue of Scientific Reports, represent a rare attempt to use metabolic biomarkers to assess the reported health benefits of integrative medicine and holistic practices. Senior author of the study, which included researchers from multiple institutions, was Deepak Chopra, MD, clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and a noted proponent of integrative medicine.  Read More…


Reboot Your Body and Mind With Pancha Karma

-by Kulreet Chaudhary, MD

Ayurveda California Pancha KarmaA recent scientific study showed that the average 30-year-old person actually has a 45-year-old body. Even though we are living longer, we are metabolically aging faster than generations before us. What happened? Well, a combination of poor dietary habits that include highly processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, overabundance of environmental toxins and chronic daily stress is making us age prematurely. Now that we are all potentially 15 years older than we should be, what can we do to reboot our systems?  Continue Reading…

Pancha Karma Research

-Transcendental Meditation News October 2002
Panchakarma has been shown to:
  • Decrease cholesterol, by lowering toxic lipid peroxide levels
  • Decrease the rate of platelet clumping and thus lymphatic congestion
  • Decrease 14 major toxic and cancer causing chemicals from body tissues including heavy metals, pesticides and other hazardous environmental chemicals
  • Significantly raise the good HDL cholesterols
  • Lower diastolic blood pressure
  • Reduce free radicals, which are the leading cause of all disease, cancer and death
  • Significantly reduce bodily complaints, irritability, bodily strain, and psychological inhibition, as well as greater emotional stability.
  • Decrease anxiety, aging and reduce doctors visits. Continue Reading…

From Here to Serenity


Yoga Journal

Despite years of right living, —regular spiritual practice, frequent yoga sessions, a vegetarian diet with rare transgressions— I looked in the mirror recently and had to admit I was, well, aging. My joints ached, my skin quality was changing, and my eyes were too dry to endure contacts. Pounds had slowly accumulated, fatigue dulled my enthusiasm—and forget about my memory. Those lapses I once attributed to breastfeeding? Perimenopause.

A professional healer for 25 years, I’d been around the alternative medicine block. Herbs, acupuncture, Reiki, rolfing— – you name it, I’ve used it. Western doctors labeled me healthy, and I was certainly free of pathology. But I didn’t like what was happening, —what it looked like or what it felt like. On the day I absentmindedly boiled not one but two teapots dry, I knew it was time to do something. But what? Continue Reading…

The Truth About Panchakarma


by Allison Bransfield Morse





Feeling sluggish, depressed, unmotivated?  Having difficulty with emotional issues, digestion or concentration?  You may benefit dramatically from Panchakarma: detoxifying through Ayurveda.  Panchakarma (translated as five cleansing actions in Sanskrit) is a gentle, yet profound purification therapy, designed to reduce the body of toxins (and balance doshic function), which cause disease and discomfort.  Feeling good already?  Panchakarma is supreme for disease prevention and life extension and is the heart of healing with Ayurvedic medicine. Continue Reading…